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Ion foot detox, Ionic detoxification
Ion foot detox, Ionic detoxification
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Sales of Nutritional products in the US are over $15 BILLION dollars each year! Our Affiliates get a piece of this revenue month after month.

We employ powerful creative, generous payouts, expert assistance and a BILLION DOLLAR marketplace! At Whole Health, you will find everything you need to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

It doesn't cost anything to become an Affiliate.  We will confirm your signup within 48hrs so you can start selling.  All you need is a Website to list our link in and your ready. If you are a natural practitioners and  want to refer your customers but have no website just give them the link so the purchase will credit to your account.  We do not allow personal purchases through the wholesale link.

All affiliate commissions that are are a result of a financed sale will not be paid until the total balance owed by the customer is paid.

Don't miss out! Be a Winner! Become a No Rife Rife Affiliate TODAY!


What will my commission be?
We pay up to 10% commission on every order, one of the higher percentage payouts on the web.  We pay 15% commission to affiliates who have gross sales of $2,000 or more per month.  Commissions are paid once a month as long as the balance due to you is at least $50.00.  We do not allow personal purchases through the wholesale link.


How and When do I get Paid?
You must have a Paypal account.  All commissions are paid Monthly.   Before the first commission is paid, Affiliate must have two sales amounting to over $50 in commission.


How will you know that orders came from my site?
All links from your site to our order pages contain a unique identifier. So, when a user comes to No Rife Rife via your site, we know you sent them to us and will credit your account when an order is generated. You will have your very own log in user name and password to view your sales at any time.


How do I create links?
We do it all for you. Just put a few links on your site, then sit back and start earning money.

After you sign up you will get a link like the one below, except your affiliate Id will be where "ion" is.


All you will need to do is add in front of the link provided you above.  Your completed link will look like the one below:  






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